Good deeds done


Here are some of the good deeds that have been pledged in the Bulwell area already.



My one month Good Deeds List of ideas.



{Day 1} Be kind and generous to others, everyday

{Day 2} Smile and greet people that you meet.

{Day 3} Bake a cake/pie for someone.

{Day 4} Support your local Foodbank, Sharewear Clothing, Shoe Aid.

{Day 5} Compliment someone and tell them they look good.

{Day 6} Volunteer at a community project, e.g Bulwell Forest Garden

{Day 7} Become a blood donor.

{Day 8} Be a kind driver. Let someone out in front of you.

{Day 9} Make somebody smile.

{Day 10} Declutter and donate to local charity schemes.

{Day 11} Leave the car at home and use public transport.

{Day 12} Be kind to someone in your community.

{Day 13} Thank people for their services, bus drivers, shop assistants, health workers, teachers and numerous others. {Day 14} Shop local and use Bulwell Market and put money into the local economy.

{Day 15} Pick up litter, and remove weeds from your streets.

{Day 16} Raise money for good causes, organise a car wash, coffee morning, sponsored event. {Day 17} Get more involved with your community by attending events and activities. {Day 18} Be a good neighbour, get to know your neighbour, offer to help.

{Day 19} Help organise an event in your neighbourhood set up a Neighbourhood Watch Group.

{Day 20} What would you do?

{Day 21} Commit to living more healthy life, eat healthy, exercise more, walk rather than take the car {Day 22} If you cannot say anything good, then don’t say anything at all.

{Day 23} Join a local health walking group or social group and get out more.

{Day 24} With others spruce up a community area and then look after it. E.g. Bulwell Farm {Day 26} Get to know some else in your community, invite them round for a cup of tea. {Day 27} Be more helpful at home.

{Day 28 Give or send someone flowers.

{Day 29} Reward someone else for a good deed that they did.

{Day 30} Anonymously send someone flowers.

{Day 31}Tell someone you love them.


Pledged online!


So you have just bought a Laptop or Smart Phone you dont know how to operate it or need advice.

Like how they work or transfer photos from camera or phone to Laptop

My pledge to give free advice or tuition where needed at my home.


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